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  • Client: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)

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Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project – Construction Supervision Consultant of (ATCEP) – South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation Airport Capacity Enhancement Project, Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Description

Contract Package-1: Parallel Taxiway Construction

This proposed Parallel Taxiway will start from junction of the existing parallel taxiway and exit Taxiway no. “E” and end at the  runway 02. It will align along the runway at separation of 172.5 m from runway centerline meeting the requirements for the  Code-E aircraft operations. As separation of existing parallel taxiway is only 109.5 m, a skew junction will be created at the start of new parallel taxiway.

Contract Package-2: Construction of 2 hangar aprons at east side of TIA

The airport apron is part of an airport. It is usually the area where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled or boarded.  Currently 20 International airlines are providing their air services to Kathmandu and the number of international airlines operating air services from Kathmandu has been increasing, and the number of flights they operate increased to 284 flights per week, there-by producing some 47,523 seats for passengers and 914-ton capacity for cargo movement from Kathmandu each week. To meet such requirements for the smooth performance, consequently, there are eleven international aircraft parking bays at present which seems lacking. Aircraft parking space is currently very limited and additional parking apron is a critical  need. Hence, construction of these 2 aprons at east side of the TIA will have various other operational benefits at TIA such as increase to operational efficiency of apron and taxiways, segregation of helicopter movement mainly to the east side of TIA, ease to air traffic control, enhance aircraft operational safety, improvement to air traffic management system, optimization of air space utilization, lower ground time for airborne, reduction to aircraft operation cost etc.

Services Provided

  • Design review of two contract packages.
  • Parallel Taxiway Connection to RWY 02 end and associated works.
  • Construction of 2 hangar aprons and associated works at TIA.
  • Project Management & Construction Supervision.