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    Project Details

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  • Client: Millenium Challenge Account (MCA).
  • Location: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Cost: 15 Million USD

    Contact Info

  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

Design Review & Technical Support for the Bridge at the Intersection of Boulevard VGE Road & Boulevard du 7 Decembre Road/ Koumassi/ Abidjan/ Côte d’Ivoire.


The project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, is a road bridge. Each traffic direction is made up of an overpass of 11 spans, divided into 3 distinct segments (separated by expansion joints) of 4 spans, 3 spans and 4 spans, respectively. The decks are of precast, pre-tensioned beam types. Each of the two bridges’ decks is made up of 9 precast beams of constant depth, topped with a cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab. At supports’ locations, cast-in-place reinforced concrete diaphragms ensure both the continuity of the precast beams, and the transmission of loads to the bearings of the bridge. The total length of the structure is 255.20 m; divided into spans of: 92.80 m (4 x 23.20 m) + 69.60 m (3 x 23.20 m) + 92.80 m (4 x 23.20 m). The access ramps have lengths of 55.30 m each. They are made of reinforced earth-type fill, strengthened with thin reinforced concrete layers.

Services Performed

  • Design Review.
  • Site Technical Assistance.