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Preparation of Final Design Documents for Al-Qiblatain Cultural Center in Al-Madinah, KSA

Project Description

Supervised the implementation of 23 projects in 35 million flat meters Area from:

Construction work: Constructing platforms, public stands, airstrips, camel tracks, mezzanines, and concrete bases to install the screen on the royal platform.

Architectural works: Design and implementation of gates towers on Najdi heritage.

Landscape works: Supervising the implementation of the plantation and afforestation project at the festival.

Cosmetic works: Supervising the implementation of heritage models and rehabilitating the aesthetic form of the entrance courses.

Maintenance work: Supervising the maintenance and operation of the public site.

IT Business: Preparing and implementing an electronic application for the club’s operations, receiving reports of visitors’ housing malfunctions, the stages of maintenance procedures and preparing reports.

Supervising the implementation of the project of installing cameras, billboards and screens.

Services Provided

Architectural Design.

Structural Design.

Landscape Design.

Maintenance works.

IT Design& Technical Input and Support

Project Management Services.

Construction Supervision on all site works.