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    Project Details

  • Category:
  • Client: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs Jeddah Municipality.
  • Location: Jeddah/ KSA
  • Date: January 10, 2019
  • Cost: 2141234123

    Contact Info

  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

Design and Study of Several Axes Northern and Southern of Jeddah/ KSA

Jeddah Manicipality is working continiously on development of road networks and traffic operations. The resposibilty is to maintain and improve existing network along withproposing new or extended roads to persue the future expectation of the city. Moreover, locating different traffic problems and working on solving it through intensive traffic studies.

The Project constitutes of 4 stages as following:

Improvement of existing roads

Study and Design of new roads.

Traffic studies for different intersections.

Traffic studies for certain areas.

Services Performed

  • Preliminary studies.
  • Traffic studies.
  • Concept design.
  • Urban Roads design.

Project Components

  • 45 KMs of existing roads
  • 45 KMs of approved but not yet implemented roads.
  • 2 Traffic Studies with 500m Radius.
  • 2 Traffic Studies with 1000m Radius.