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King Abdul Aziz Reserve/ KSA

Project Description

The King Abdulaziz Royal Reserve is a nature reserve located in the Riyadh region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes Al-Tanhat and Al-Khafs Rawdat and the adjacent areas in an area of 15,700 square kilometers. It was established in June 2018.
The King Abdul Aziz Reserve includes within its borders the Tanhat Kindergarten, which is the largest in the Kingdom in terms of area, in which there are abundant trees of acacia, Sidr, chrysanthemum, buttercup and lavender. It is a natural environment suitable for the resettlement of wild animals and plants, by including them within the framework of protection from hunting, overgrazing and woodcutting in the region, increasing and protecting the vegetation cover, developing and preserving the natural environment for animals and plants, and restoring the ecological balance within the reserve.

Services Provided

•Urban, Master Planning and Landscape.
•Architectural and electrical designs, air conditioning and ventilation works (HVAC), firefighting systems.
•Designing roads, lighting, water, irrigation, drainage and sewage works.
•Utilities Design
•Searching, examining and collecting the necessary data, reviewing and verifying its validity
•Preparing preliminary and detailed cost estimates for the various stages of design.
•Tender Documents