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    Project Details

  • Category:
  • Client: Ministry of Transport (MOT).
  • Location: Several Provinces, KSA
  • Cost: 80 Million USD

    Contact Info

  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

Railway Crossings over North / South Railway / Several Provinces/ KSA


The North-South railway is among the most important transportation assets in KSA that intersects with several major components of MOT’s road networks thus requiring crossing structures in various locations accordingly. The scope of the project includes providing engineering studies and design services along with the preparation of tender documents. The Project comprises 3 main sectors of crossings namely 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, for which the design of an equivalent 55 km of road works was required, added to 29 individual single spanned bridges and 2 grade separated interchanges over the existing railway as well as intended dualization.

Services Performed

The crossing structures can be grouped under 3 main segments which include:

  • Sector 1.2, 14 crossings each with total length 28 m.
  • Sector 1.3, 6 crossings each with total length 9.5 m.
  • Sector 1.4, 9 crossings each with total length 16 m.