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  • Client: icipality of the Eastern Region (Municipality of Al-Qatif Governorate)

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  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

A study and design to remove traffic jams in Al-Qatif Governorate (Preparation of Studies and Planning DesignA

Project Components

The Municipality of the Eastern Region, represented by the Municipality of Qatif Governorate, seeks to improve the level of traffic on the road network. A contract was signed with Euroconsult Engineering Consultancy to carry out a project “Study and design to remove traffic jams in Qatif Governorate.” The study aims to remove traffic jams and develop the necessary engineering solutions to reduce

Services Provided

  • Preparing a traffic study on all required streets and intersections.
  • Preparing traffic engineering development and improvement works for all streets and intersections.
  • Adding all necessary architectural designs to improve and beautify roads, entrances, exits and sidewalks.
  • Road design including all architectural, construction, electrical and other services.
  • Conduct soil tests and research necessary for the proposed project site.