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    Project Details

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  • Client: Ministry of Transport
  • Location: KSA

    Contact Info

  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

Specialized Technical Studies for Road Safety/ KSA

This Project spanning the administrative
provinces of KSA, aims to provide a qualitative
and quantitative assessment as well as identify
accident prone areas within MOT’s existing road
network; This will be followed by ranking said
locations in terms of accident frequency and
intensity, while proposing solutions for
improving the operational conditions for said
locations. This work scope will also include the
establishment of guideline for assessment of
MOT’s maintenance contractors in terms of
their road safety regulations.
Another crucial aspect of the project would be
the provision of hydrological and hydraulic
review service at select locations which suffer
frequent flash flooding, this will also involve the
proposal of feasible cost-effective solutions at
said locations.

Services Performed
• Road Safety Analysis
• Geometric Review
• Topographic Survey Services.
• Hydrological and Hydraulic