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    Project Details

  • Category:
  • Client: Ministry of Transport
  • Location: Makkah, KSA
  • Cost: 1,900 million SAR

    Contact Info

  • Sericon Building, Riyadh
  • +966 11 475 66 55

Non-Muslims Road Design in Mekkah Province / KSA

The scope of the project includes
alignment selection, preliminary and
final designs, in addition to the
preparation of the tender documents
for entire length of the road with about
70 km 4-lane dual carriageway and 9
grade separated interchanges. This
comprises 12 road crossing bridges; 9
wadi bridges, 2 vehicular crossing; and
3 camel crossings. This also include the
detailed design of th e required
drainage works and flood protection
m e a s u r e s t o p r o t e c t t h e r o a d
alignment against flash floods. The
scope of work include also landscaping
and irrigation network, street lighting,
a n d r o a d s a f e t y f e a t u r e s .

Services Performed
• Feasibility & Traffic study,
• Alignment Selection,
• Preliminary & Final
• Tender Documents.

Project Components
• 70 km of 4-lane dual
• 8 new interchanges.
• 4 crossing bridges.
• 2 wadi bridges